give orcas

May 1 – 17, 2019

The Early Childhood Education Initiative (ECEI) has been a collaboration of the three licensed preschools on Orcas Island, private funders, and expert advisors for the past five years. ECEI has recently developed a Sustainability Task Force with a mission to identify and help secure long-term investments to sustain universal access to high-quality preschool.

The objective of the ECEI is that every child has access to at least 12 hours per week of preschool education and promote measurable increased in the quality of each program in the areas of teaching quality and in student learning and development.


The initiative has served over 100 preschool students and families with financial need, as well as supported over 20 early childhood educators to improve teaching practice in all three schools. Donations to the 2019 OICF Give Orcas Catalog listing will support continued high-quality instruction to the 60+ preschool students at Children’s House, Kaleidoscope, and Orcas Montessori School.

As a community, we can support the Early Childhood Education Initiative’s commitment to our youngest students so that they will enter school ready to learn. The ECEI is asking for $25,000 to support the quality component of instruction for one year.