OICF grants committee ranks ECE Initiative “critical need”

IMG_0293The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Initiative is participating in the annual Give Orcas campaign, and has again been ranked  a “critical need” grant for the community.

A key indicator of a healthy, thriving community is when all its young children have access to high-quality preschool education.  When children enter school ready to learn socially and academically, they’re on the path to being productive and successful citizens. The quality of preschool education rests on the quality of what goes on between our preschool teachers and our youngest students. The current ECE Initiative Grant supports program enhancements for teaching quality shown by research to be critical to increasing students’ kindergarten-readiness.

The Initiative has been a 4-year collaboration between Children’s House, Orcas Montessori and Kaleidoscope preschools, education researchers and a small number of local donors who’ve worked together with proven results.

To ensure this opportunity is available for the next wave of children, the philanthropic community is asked to join parents, preschool teachers, school fundraisers, supporters and others through the Give Orcas campaign May 1-18.

Donors can help sustain high-quality preschool on Orcas by giving to the ECE Initiative grant.

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